About Us

Welcome to the Employee Benefits Advisors Group

We understand that health care reform has caused a lot of confusion and misinformation leaving employers, employees, individuals and families unsure of what to do or how to find the most cost-effective solutions to their needs.  They need advice, and an advocate to partner with so that benefits can become affordable and useable. That’s what we do.  We guide them through the maze of plans, funding options, tax incentives, etc until we have designed the perfect plan for them. We make them look like heroes to their employees.  And, we make sure they are compliant with health care reform requirements.

We work with small and mid-sized employers, associations, chambers of commerce, as well as individuals and families, including seniors.  Our affiliated specialists are recognized experts in the fields of financial planning, risk management, human resources, accounting and, employment law.  All of us are involved in our respective areas and serve on boards of major industry associations such as the National Association of Health Underwriters and the Society of Human Resource Managers. We work together based on the needs of our clients offering expertise, experience and extraordinary service!  We provide you with exceptional service making it easy to get the answers you need.