Employee Advocacy

At the Employee Benefits Advisors Group we personally answer your employees’ questions.

We help them understand their benefits, advise them about cost-saving behaviors, and assist in resolving claims issues. We also help sick or injured participants with accessing healthcare. Each person is important to us, and we treat them as we would like to be treated. We remain involved until the issue is resolved.

Our Services Include:

Employee Education

We educate your employees about their coverage every year, explaining how their plan works and any changes made to their benefit programs. We also discuss how their behavior can save them the expense of an illness and encourage wellness activities such as exercise and a healthy diet.

But, let’s face it, most employees don’t pay much attention to their benefits until they need them. And, if it is for something serious, they are most likely scared and worried. This is where we shine. We hold their hand through this experience. If they need help finding the right specialist, we assist with that research; if they need to understand different protocols, while we are not doctors, we will try to help make the options easier to understand than the technical jargon their physician has used.


When there are serious claim disputes, our partner, Medwise, is available to handle the negotiations. Adria Gross, owner of Medwise, can help clients reduce medical bills, avoid overcharges, and negotiates bills down to a reasonable amount.

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